Regimen & Products

No more Modified BC for me, I had a stylist cut it all off, clippers and all! ūüôā

Photo on 10-3-12 at 9.36 AM #2

I’ve been rocking wash and go’s since I big chopped December 8, 2012.

photo 5

Current Regimen – KISS (keep it simple stupid)!!!

  1. Cleanse: co-wash and/or ACV. I RARELY use shampoo these days because I found the ACV rinse thoroughly cleanses my scalp and removes any product buildup I have. ¬†I do, however, use a shampoo (TJ’s Tea Tree Tingle does the job) when¬†needed.
  2. Condition and section hair into three or four sections; always two sections in the front.
  3. Individually Denman/Wide Tooth Comb¬†Detangle Each Section. I am trying to avoid using my modified Denman brush because finger detangling usually gets the job done superbly. I still keep my Denman in the shower for tangle emergencies though; however, I always finger detangle to the best of my ability before using the Denman in emergency situations. ¬†Updated: As my hair grows, finger detangling works less and less, so I am back to the Denman/Wide Tooth Comb combo. ¬†This combination gives me less tangles and single strand knots. ¬†I usually use the wide tooth comb first–one or two passes–and finish detangling with my modified Denman.
  4. Rinse with cool water.
  5. Apply leave-in (a quarter-sized amount) to each individual section.  If the back of my hair is one section, I apply two quarter-sized amounts of leave-in.
  6. Seal with creamy shea butter mix (while hair still soaking wet)
  7. Style with Ecostyler Custard
  8. Air dry (I live in Cali, so air drying is a viable option pretty much year round)

Note: I usually go 3-4¬†5-7 days with my wash and go’s. On days 2-4, I wet my hair moderately and shake the excess out while in the shower.¬† Each morning, I spritz my hair with a¬†H20/essential oil/olive oil mix and shake. ¬†I usually do not apply additional products. When I do, I only apply custard or plain eco gel to my edges or any single, frizzy curls that need it. At night, I lightly spritz my hair with my H20/essential oil mix. Since my hair is still short, I wear a satin bonnet scarf with a long pocket to accommodate longer hair length. If I am trying to look cute for my hubster, I just sleep on my satin pillowcase with no scarf/bonnet covering.

I deep condition as needed, usually every or every other week. I deep condition EVERY time I go swimming (always the same day or night).

Holy Grail Products (updated July 2013)

  1. Scalp Cleanser: Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (50/50 solution)
  2. Co-washer and leave-in: Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa (TJ’s added dimethicone–a non-water soluble silicone that Katie-kaboom HATES! ¬†Sad face)¬†or Tea Tree Tingle conditioner–works well with other products! < $5
  3. Co-washer and shea butter mix ingredient: Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing conditioner TJ’s Tea Tree Tingle. < $5
  4. Sealer: Creamy Shea Butter mix. I modified Naptural85’s mix. At some point I will upload my current recipe.
  5. Styler: EcoStyler Custard with Olive Oil Ecostyler gel. I get a 5 lb tub of the gel from my local beauty supply for $7.99. Here’s a link to the recipe I use:
  6. Refresher: Water with 6 drops of my essential oil of choice in a spray bottle


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