Protective Style: Crochet Braids

If you follow this blog, you know one of the main things missing from my regimen is “traditional” protective styling.  That is, styles that protect the ends because they are some combination of: (1) low manipulation; (2) ends are tucked away/hidden; and (3) last more than a week–from what I can tell, the longer the style lasts the better.  I avoided protective styles for two main reasons, my hair/scalp is not a fan of extensions or weaves–too much stress for my fine strands, and I did not think the appearance of some styles would satisfy my hair style aesthetic.

However, while fueling my natural hair obsession through research, I saw the emergence (re-emergence, for some, but it is the FIRST TIME I ever heard of them) of crochet braids and was immediately intrigued.  A protective style that did not take as long or cost as much as a weave; did not place too much stress on your strands during/post installation; embraced adding textured fake hair–I didn’t want to be without kinky-curly locks; and is touted by many across the natural hair online stratosphere.  I was sold, so on a sunny Friday afternoon (November 1st), I got crochet braids.

The process in a nutshell: cornrow hair, then crochet the hair of your choosing to the braids using the hair only; no thread is involved.  The cost of installation & cornrows $80.  The hair I purchased (see pic below) retails for $5.99/bag for 14 inches (I used three full bags).


What I told the stylist: “my hair is fine; I have an extremely tender, finicky scalp, so no tight cornrows.”  After installation, my stylist said my hair was Diana Ross status, but I was going for more of an angled bob, so she set about shaping my newly crocheted mane.  The results:

Mosaic Crochet Braids

Until next time, Katie-kaboom says, ta ta for now!  Literally, because she is braided and hidden under my crochet braids.  🙂


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