Shrinkage Update: 10.5 Months

Pictorial of my shrinkage just 10 days shy of my 11 month hairniversary.  The styling method pictured is LCO (leave-in, cream, then oil) plus Eco Styler Blue while raking (in the back/nape area because my strands are extremely fine with a more loose curl pattern) and separating in small sections (everywhere else because my curls are tighter almost everywhere else on my head).  I do not really like this method because the shrinkage is IMMENSE!  As in multiple people complimenting me on my new hair cut…um, not so much.  Lol.  On the other hand, my hubby, randoms at the market, and a multitude of coworkers complimented my hair with this style…  I guess, I should try to keep it in rotation, but I make no promises…

I have a surplus of drafts, so sorry for the multiple posts in one day!

2013.10.29 Shrinkage Grid


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