The “In-Between” Stage Has Arrived! Now What?

(Pictures at end of the post)

The in-between stage has arrived for Katie-kaboom.  Gone are the days of virtually effortless wash ‘n goes in under 10 minutes of shower time.  It is the stage where I must re-learn my hair at this length in its natural state.  I–somewhat begrudgingly–accept the challenge…

What the in-between stage really means for me is learning from and reminding myself of the past!  I have tried many protective styles touted by the natural hair community during my lifetime.  Some worked and others did not, so as Katie and I tackle the “in-between” stage she finds it important to remind me of the following:

  1. I have never had a positive long-term weave or braid-extension experience.  My hair strands are fine/medium (with a tendency toward fine) and not densely arranged on my scalp (i.e. my hair is thin)…The stress that weaves put on my hair is simply too much for my strands to withstand.
  2. Twist outs don’t work on fine, thin hair.  Okay, they do work, I just do not like how they look on my hair at this length (I used to love them when my hair was longer!).  As a result, I must try other styles.  In the near future, I plan to try a flat twist (or braid) out and will post result pictures once I do.
  3. I must rethink my shampoo strategy.  I cannot do what I see in the commercials anymore, unless I want to tack on a lot of detangling time AND put unnecessary stress on my strands.  So circular motion shampooing is out, and shampooing my scalp and down the upper length of my hair is in!
  4. I must begin experimenting with protective styles that “stretch” my hair.  Darn it, this means trial and error, which equals more time, which means my KISS mentality will be tested until I find a style(s) I like.

Until I find more go-to styles, I’m still rocking my wash ‘n goes, but am challenging myself to make them last 5 days or more.  Last week’s wash ‘n go lasted 6 days (see pictures below)!  So, it can be done.

How do you style your fine, thin natural hair?  Any go-to styles?  Let me know because I need style experiment ideas.  See you next time!  Xoxo

Photo on 10-11-13 at 11.16 AM #3 Photo on 10-11-13 at 11.16 AM


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