Wash & Go: 2 Styling Methods, Two Results

To begin, yes, I purposefully used the number two and then spelled it out.

I am still quite enamored with the wash and go, but since I’ve been wearing and styling it the same for a few months, I wanted to mix it up a bit. Over the past few weeks, instead of using my normal styling technique of smoothing my hair as I apply my styler, I decided to try the raking method. One major routine change, however, is that I must now section my hair into 5, count them 5!!!, sections due to increased length. This means I must also keep a water bottle handy to keep Katie sufficiently wet while styling. After I apply my styler, I shake my head rigorously to separate the curly clumps. Now, on to the raking method…

The raking method involves using your fingers or a comb/brush to comb through your hair while applying your styler. I only used my fingers. I used the same products I always do: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle condition for detangler and leave-in, shea butter mix as my sealer, and Eco-Styler Custard as my styler. I experienced good and bad with this method.

The good: super defined, bouncy, more separated/tighter curls. Since I did not alter my products, my hair still felt moisturized and pliable.

The bad: way too much manipulation for me/my hair. Katie was NOT amused. I noticed a lot more shedding using this method. Thank goodness they were entire strands and not partial breakage, but I was not pleased to see so much shedding. After two weeks of the raking method, I consider it a second detangle without the benefit of being dripping wet and covered in ample amounts of conditioner with slip! In two words, “no bueno!” Katie needs/loves to be detangled while sopping wet and drenched in conditioner with excellent slippery slippage, so this method is not for me. I have returned to the smoothing method.

Have you tried both methods? Which do you and your hair prefer? Let me know in the comments section.

As always, recipes can be found on my “Hair Concoctions” page. Thanks for reading! xoxo

Smoothing (first three pics); Raking Method (last two)

Photo on 8-5-13 at 8.50 AM Photo on 8-5-13 at 11.03 AM Photo on 8-5-13 at 12.40 PM

Photo on 8-1-13 at 10.18 AM IMG_5908


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