Deep Conditioning

Sometimes my laziness gets the better of me and I slack on haircare I know I should keep in my regular routine. Enter weekly deep conditioning. Early on following my big chop, I deep conditioned religiously at least twice a week and continued to do so for the first four months or so for the following reasons: 1) it made my curls pop; 2) made detangling much easier; and 3) I had yet to figure out what Katie wanted. So, I kept deep conditioning…when I was tired, after long hard days at work, no matter what, I kept deep conditioning. On trips, at sleep overs, I kept deep conditioning. Then, miracle of miracles, Katie and I discovered what we liked! 🙂 Once this miracle occurred, Katie POPPED and detangling became much easier, so the time between deep conditioning treatments increased to the point of ridiculousness because I did not really “need” it to achieve # 1 and 2 above.

But I knew better. All my hair research told me I was going astray from the healthy path. But my hair felt\feels great; moisturized, manageable, shiny, and growing. Nevertheless, the time between deep conditioning treatments continued to increase. Finally, after two months of deep conditioning only after swimming (which fortunately is pretty often since I love swimming and its summer), I decided to deep condition my hair since I am on vacation and have extra time. Boy am I glad I did, adding deep conditioner to my normal regimen boosted all the benefits I get from the normal routine sans deep conditioning. My curls popped even more, manageability is greatly increased, and the shine, oh, the shine. I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Now that my regular routine does an excellent job of sealing in moisture, I do not think I will return to deep conditioning twice a week, but I do think weekly or bi-weekly treatments are definitely in order!

How often do you deep condition? Do you notice a difference when you reduce the frequency of deep conditioning treatments? What are your favorite deep conditioning treatments. Please let me know what deep conditioners work, or do not work, for you. Look forward to hearing from you all.

Until next time,

NaturalEsq and Katie xoxo

IMG_0185 IMG_0187


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