EcoStyler Gel versus EcoStyler Custard

If you’ve read my Holy Grail list under Regimen & Products, you know I love, love, love EcoStyler Custard. I started using it this May (May 3, 2013 to be exact!) as an alternative to EcoStyler gel only because I wanted:

  1. A fortified, healthier version of the gel;
  2. Increased moisture retention;
  3. Softer hold;
  4. Less crunch; and
  5. To minimize shrinkage.

After more than two months using EcoStyler Custard with green gel (see recipe at the end of the post or on my Hair Concoctions tab), I am pleased to report I see and feel a marked improvement in the health and condition of my hair. Prior to switching to the custard, I found that my hair felt dry after day 2 of wearing a wash ‘n go using the leave-in/seal/styler method, so I would always redo my wash n’ go on day 3. I wanted (read: NEEDED) to minimize manipulation of my hair and stretch my wash ‘n goes at least to day 4 because at the time my TWA was itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie; smaller than a yellow polkadot bikini, so protective styles could not happen (other than a wig, I suppose, but I wanted to rock my TWA)!

Also, to be perfectly honest, when it comes to my morning routine, I’m low maintenance (lazy!), usually rushing, and unwilling to reduce the time of my morning shower (or as my Mom still calls it my Doris Day spa time…lol) to restyle my hair every third day. So, I switched out the regular gel for the simple/quick/easy to make custard recipe and my hair has loved me ever since. I’ve lasted to day 5 with the custard–no flakes and moisturized hair!

The main benefits I’ve experienced thus far include:

  1. Extreme moisture retention–it seems that the custard acts as an additional sealer, as well as a styler when applied.
  2. Increased manageability–it is soooo much easier to detangle my hair now!
  3. Increased strand strength–shedding has decreased dramatically and no more snaps. Woo hoo 🙂

So, my verdict is in and EcoStyler Custard is the winner by a landslide! I know that the custard is not the single miracle worker for my hair, but changing this one thing has really improved the condition of my hair. I will continue to use it.

Have you tried a gel custard recipe? Did it work for you? Please post any questions you have and share your experience with gel custards in the comment section.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Ecostyler Custard Recipe

1 cup EcoStyler Olive Oil gel (the green one)
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel

Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix with hand mixer until thoroughly blended.


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