Hair Journey 1: 2011-2012

Sad and happy and happy and sad. Here’s a pictorial journal of my hair (NOT chronological!) but a start. Pic explanations finally included…

20121013-021910.jpgPic 1: showing the damage from the dye!  I am seething that she lied and died my hair 😦

20121013-021939.jpgPic 2: My natural curls.  Love ’em 🙂

20121013-022001.jpgPic 3: I really just want to chop all the fried/front of my hair, but am easing my husband into it … lol.

20121013-022016.jpgPic 4: There’s hope after all; my virgin hair.

20121013-022034.jpgPic 5: A throwback transitioning picture.  Late 2010/early 2011.  Mufasa, anyone?

20121013-022056.jpgPic 6: More transitioning …

20121013-022115.jpgPic 7: More transitioning … look at all the pretty new growth.  I was sooo excited because it only took about two months for almost 3 inches 😀

20121013-022141.jpgPic 8: Shows the thickness/lack thereof of my hair.  I’ve always been told I have an extremely “fine” hair texture (I’ve always just considered my hair THIN … see above ponytail in Pic 7); even in its natural state.  Do not get me wrong I still have kinky curly hair, but I do not have thick hair like most of the women I see in the natural community.  Pic 7 and 8 are for all the naturally fantastics with thin/fine hair.

20121013-022222.jpgFebruary 2012 in Lalaland, my hometown.  Just got my hair cut into a bob.  The stylist cut off about 6 inches.

20121013-022240.jpgFeb 2012: same day, same cut, just hours later so the curls have fallen out.

20121013-022310.jpgI believe this was March or April of 2012, same bob, but not straightened.  In San Diego (Balboa Park) with my Mommy checking out the Titanic exhibit.  Yes, I still and will always call my Mother, Mommy!


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