Modified BC (aka Big Chop) – 9.28.12

The journey continues and begins again.  On 9/28/2012, I did a modified Big Chop.  Modified because I was not (and neither was my hubby) ready for a TWA.  Instead, my stylist took clippers to the back of my hair and shears to the front.  The reason: I found out a prior, interim stylist LIED to me and used permanent hair color on my EXTREMELY FINE AND SENSITIVE hair!!!  Boo to liars!  I specifically instructed her I ONLY use demi-permanent hair color (i.e. rinse out color that also conditions).  Instead, she gave me amazing hair color I thought was too good to be true, but hoped was demi-permanent.  I thought this until my roots began to grow out … sigh 😦  With demi-perm color, your roots do not (I repeat!  Do Not!) grow out.  The ill-fated date of color damage = June 21, 2012.

I love my MBC.  I will keep my hair this length, maybe a bit shorter as I transition the hair on the top of my head (the color-damaged hair).  The hair on the back 1/2 of my head is already natural.  The results of my MBC:  Image


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